Blaming the Victim in Latest People’s Park Rape Charge

by Steed Dropout
Aug. 21, 2014

“Police are investigating a sexual assault that occurred in Berkeley Monday morning, according to the University of California Police Department. [from Berkeley Patch]

The female victim contacted police saying that she woke up to a man sexually assaulting her while she was asleep at People’s Park near the University of California at Berkeley campus.

The victim began screaming and the suspect, who is known by the victim as a person who frequents the park, fled the area.”


According to a reliable People’s Park source, the alleged victim was “Heather, who had been dancing topless in the park all day, giving a green light; she’d been drinking all day and passed out with some guy next to her. She woke up screaming and yelling rape and how she was pregnant.”

More park hearasay. (sic.): park regular, uncle Al (“I know everything that happens in the park”) told me “the rape didn’t happen.”

From the Naples [Fla.] Daily News, 2006:

“Married only a week, a 31-year-old woman threatened to kill herself early Monday, and instead shot her bathroom floor after her husband handed her a loaded shot gun and told her to “do it.”

Heather Anne Jackson, East Naples, was charged with a felony count of shooting a missile into a dwelling.

Around 4 a.m. Nevin M. Woulas and Jackson, his wife of about a week, were arguing because she believed he was obsessed with his friend’s fiancee, according to an arrest report. Jackson told Woulas that she was going to kill herself.

Nevin said that he was angry with Jackson, grabbed a shotgun from his closet, a shotgun round from his drawer and handed them to his wife, reports said.

Jackson told a deputy that Woulas told her to “do it.”

Jackson locked herself in the bathroom, loaded the gun and fired a round into the floor, deputies said. Woulas “busted through” the door and found Jackson sitting on the toilet — very much alive. She then ran out of the house.

Both Woulas and Jackson had been drinking heavily that morning, reports said. They have been a couple for about six months.

Jackson told deputies that she knows how to handle a shotgun because she was previously in the military, reports said. She said she never intended to kill herself.”


According to my source, Jackson, told him she had been “a car-paint stripper and the other kind, too.”

Police are investigating. They have said, in the past, that they take these complaints very seriously.

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