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Cafe Med Tale Twelve

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by Steed Dropout
Sep. 4, 20012

Berkeley, Ca

[Editor’s note: this is the 12th in a series on one of the most notorious cafe’s in the known world, Cafe Mediterraneum, on Berkeley’s equally famous Telegraph Ave., and of note in the unknown world as well. Home of the Free Speech Movement, witness to the People’s Park riots. Tear-gassed, shot-up, invaded. Unlike your coffee-house, it has it’s own WIKI page.]


Perhaps you missed the media curve on this: Berkeley will vote, Nov. 6, to ban-sitting on walks in business districts. Berkeley has ten sizable business districts.

Berkeleyans have been tearing at their chests over this since late last year, when the issue became a rallying cry among local radicals.

The Med is at the eye of the hurricane.

Running Wolf, shadow candidate for Berkeley Mayor kicks off his campaign at Cafe Mediterraneum last week. Craig Becker, a personal friend of RW's, asked him to take his sign out of the Med window next to the Dustin Hoffman table.

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