More Fucked Up Than You

By Steed Dropout

Sept. 11, 2016

Photo by Ted Friedman


Members of “Trump Nation,” as they like to be called, know that they are fucked-up.

“Dude,” a nation member told me. “Everyone knows I’m fucked up. My mother and father and all my many aunts and uncles were fucked up. now we have a national leader who truly represents us.”

But “…is having a fucked-up leader a good thing? we asked.

“Yeah,” the nation-member confirmed. “Knowing that he[Trump] is fucked up and we are fucked up, too. We feel a special connection more intimate than with NFL football players, who are fucked-up over drugs and spousal abuse.”

“Trump isn’t high; he’s just fucked-up,” noted the spokesman.

That trump is a billionaire doesn’t keep him from being fucked-up, a nation spokesman explained. “If a guy with all his money can be fucked-up, there’s hope for the little guy,” extolled a Trump Nation spokesperson.

Beverly Hills Clinical Psychologist, Sondra Monroe has published several scientific studies of the fucked-up and agreed to explain the syndrome to us. “Basically these people who self-identify with fuck-ups are internalizing the assessment they believe society has of them. They seem at pains to establish an unpleasant descriptor, and to emphasize it.”

Someone like Trump,” Monroe continued, “may seem a braggart, but his fucked-up insecurities are on full display. Even the need to invent a separate reality is part of the fucked-up persona.”

That Trump believes everyone but himself is fucked-up may mean that while his supporters identify with him, he may not identify with them back. It matters not that he doesn’t.

The relationship between trump and the nation is, according to Dr. Monroe, “one-way; his way.”

Someone has said that great leaders are aware of their weaknesses while hiding them from their public. While not acknowledging mistakes, except by correcting them, Trump seems destined for some special niche in history: most fucked-up presidential candidate to represent a national party.

How fucked up? So fucked up that psycho-therapists are rushing to diagnose him, even though this violates their professional ethics.

David Brooks of the New York Times claimed to have researched trump’s condition, concluding that his speech patterns revealed “a fugue” or tendency to continue a thought obsessively as in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

With Brooks’ insights, it seems that Trump is saying more than he needs too. Trump says he will not change his ways, and whenever he says that—he has stuck with his zany persona.

If elected, Trump could be the most fucked-up president since Calvin Coolidge. How fucked-up is that?

Fucked-up enough to lead Fucked-up Nation.

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