Berkeley Student Revolt Revives

by Steed Dropout
Jan. 8, 2016


Protestors head for city council to protest latest homeless street regs, Dec.1.
Photo by Ted Friedman

Dedicated minority crowds old city hall steps. Photo by Ted Friedman

Not all Berkeley Demonstrations make the 10pm. TV news. This piece is dedicated to those that went unnoticed last year, as student protestors joined wizened Berkeley protestors. Student protests have proliferated after decades in hiding (taking care of business, they alibied).

Sweet little pro-homeless demo on march to Longfellow school city council meet, where more demonstrators awaited. Photo by Ted Friedman

Berkeley, a brand associated with gourmandism and subversion, has once more joined the fray. The fray is an amalgam of objections, ranging from alleged evil university global practices, to specific campus complaints from staff and students.

And of course black lives matter and alleged date rape ranks below contempt.

We tell the tale in photos.

Fiery 60s radicals, Ohsa Neumann; Boona Chema, left, founder (former) Berkeley Support Services. Pro-homeless demo. Photo by Ted Friedman

Veterans Day. Photo by Ted Friedman

Labor dispute, right. cops, left; 8 students beat cops into building, take over athletic director's office. According to the Daily Californian: UCPD issued a final 'admonishment' about 8 p.m., and eight students who refused to leave were forcibly removed and cited with trespassing and disrupting a business. The students were, later given a court date.
Photo by Ted Friedman

Labor demo disrupts women’s volleyball fans. Photo by Ted Friedman

In support of books banned elsewhere that Berkeleyans are free to read here.
Photo by Ted Friedman

Small but spirited: 'keep the oil in the soil. Photo by Ted Friedman

More photos:

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