Berkeley’s People’s Park Activists Remember

by Steed Dropout
May 25, 2014


A small, but dedicated, circle of friends remembered Gina Sasso, 49 at the time of her death three years ago. They met, Saturday, at Berkeley’s historic Caffe Mediterraneum, a Sasso haunt.

As police and EMTs rallied to the assistance of a disabled homeless man outside the cafe, Saturday, Sasso was honored for her dedication to Berkeley’s disabled and her dedication to nearby People’s Park.

Man Down. Photo by Ted Friedman.

The event was sponsored by Sasso’s husband, Michael Delacour and her stepson Dusk Delacour.

Rescue. Photo by Ted Friedman.

After Michael Delacour’s intimate recounting of his life with his wife, Sasso, and a viewing of related photographs, park activists held an ad hoc meeting of the park steering committee.

Remembrance. Photo by Ted Friedman.

Led by B.O.S.S.’ Michael Diehl, celebrants suggested improvements in the park. B.O.S.S. is a Berkeley community outreach agency.

M. Delacour, left. Photo by Ted Friedman.

Diehl told me Sasso was, at the time of her death, on her way to becoming a homeless advocate (with Diehl) at B.O.S.S. Berkeley’s homeless crisis has, if possible worsened. “Gina could have made a difference,” Diehl said.

Caffe Med Sasso Memorial. Photo by Ted Friedman.

I’m sure it wouldn’t interest anybody outside a small circle of friends.

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