Your Fucked Up Week and Mine

by Steed Dropout
Oct. 28, 2012
Berkeley, Ca.


Always Berkeley, a breath of befouled air.

Ever since I’ve gone back to work, after 35 years of indolent cross-training (weight-lifting, running, and mountain biking), hanging out in Berkeley coffee houses, bookstores, and cinemas…ever since then, I’ve had a bitch-slapped awareness of the days of the week, and how that has come to affect me…now that I’m a working man at 73.

I work at the Berkeley Daily Planet, Berkeleyside, and the Daily Californian. I will come to your house to interview you, if only you would pay me.

Monday. Nursing a hangover. Must try to do better on Sunday. Always regrets for Sunday, when the pressure is on to kick-back. But you can’t kick-back, because you are anticipating the pain of what has been called ‘gloomy Monday.’ We’re gloomy because we failed to cash in on Sunday.

Sunday through Saturday, 1934, as time goes by. Photo by Ted Friedman.

Let’s say, we have had a good Sunday — real kick-back — and all. A good reason to be blue on Monday.

Tuesday. By Tuesday, it has become apparent that a tough week lies ahead. Is this sounding like astrology? Keep in mind, here, I spent 35 years out of the loopy loop of a work week.

I’m covering this as a story. Here at Berkeley Reporter, we are first and foremost — reporters.

Wednesday. Mainly, Wednesday is important as a step towards Sunday. Wednesday is a breather before Friday, but the pressure of Friday is building. Wednesday, then, becomes a day of anxiety and dread. In fact, at this point in the week you might be called on to achieve something.

Thursday. This day is a throw-away, unless you perceive its importance. This is a day that can help you survive Friday. You will feel the urge to slack, but you know better. This is survival day. Either you complete your tasks Thursday, or you go down.

Friday. The key to Friday was Thursday, but if you screwed up Thursday, you have a chance to recover on Friday. Isn’t that the problem with Friday? Friday is your last chance to salvage the week.

Saturday. At this point you realize you have seriously fucked up your week. You will spend this day denying your plight, and pretending to be enjoying yourself. With predictions like these, who needs astrology? Read this like astrology, where you give it the benefit of the doubt.

You could injure yourself on Saturday. A lot of Americans do.

On Saturday, you tell yourself that you had a pretty good week,and you deserve a break, but what exactly? Something amusing, like the World Series, or a college football game, something to quiet the mind. Who needs meditation?

Sunday. Sunday is crunch-time, ground zero. On Sunday, you must address the accumulated pangs of an entire week. Sunday offers an opportunity to spin your week, that is re-conceptualizing your week. You might have completely screwed yourself this week, but on Sunday, you might review that, like instant replay, and declare yourself the winner.

Drugs will help, except on Monday when the total doomed cycle resumes.

We invite our astrologer webmaster to post here, on the astrology angle in this yarn.

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